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High Desert Hunting Company, LLC is based near Aguilar, Colorado. Established in late 2015, HDHC was created by two lifelong Guides to fill the void and lack of quality that has been created by large commercial hunting camps and television shows that are more concerned about targeting their bottom line and marketing their products than they are about targeting your once-in a lifetime trophy animal. 

**Quality comes first**

HDHC operates on the same size acreage as large commercial camps that typically run 7-8 clients per week. We currently conduct hunts on over 61,000 acres of private land spread out between many different ranches that are located primarily in GMU's 85 & 133. Our camp sizes are designed to ensure that you fill your tag and your cooler when you make the trip out to hunt with us, and you will typically only find 3-4 clients in each camp, 3-4 guides, and a camp cook even during our peak OTC seasons.

**It's All 1 on 1**

When working for other outfits, HDHC's Founders grew extremely tired of the 2x1 client to guide ratio and lack of success that typically exists in most large western hunting camps. In our experience a 2x1 hunt drastically reduces the odds for 100% success, it also creates heavily added stress and pressure for a guide who now has to make 2 customers happy instead of focusing on one animal, one client, & one task. At HDHC we always strive for 100% success on every single one of our hunts with each and every client. All of our Big game hunts are 1x1 with a very experienced guide native to the rocky mountains and committed to hunting hard.

**HDHC Family**

We are a family business,

Founded by two lifelong friends Sean & Luke, who both from a very young age had the same passion to guide people on adventures through our native land, the great and untamed Rocky Mountains. It took years of hard work, dedication, and commitment but we finally received our Outfitter's License in late 2015 and combined our arguably separate skills, and it has proven to been a recipe for great success! 

Sean Zele is part of a historic 5 generation family-owned ranch located in the heart of Southern Colorado Elk country, nestled in the Ponderosa Pine Forests in the shadow of the massive Spanish Peaks.

Sean has been observing, studying, and pursuing wild game his entire life through a lens and in a setting that 99% of people will only get to experience during a weekend isolated deep in a national park.

When asked about what got him hooked on Elk he tells many stories from his childhood but he says one monumental morning during an extremely discouraging season, when he was a novice 16 year old struggling bowhunter. His hunt went from bust to boom when he set up in position to some bugles in the distance and ended up having a massive herd of elk slowly parade past him at 50-80 yards, carrying the tune of 25+ Bulls screaming their lungs out, shredding trees and chasing each other around, cutting like the finest cutting horses in a rodeo arena. The athleticism of these Bulls was something I'd never observed and pondered closely until that moment. The forest was louder and more alive than a rock concert, I had never witnessed anything of this magnitude at this close proximity. It was pure chaos in a beautiful and natural way. I couldn't believe what I had stalked into, I started seeing lots of average sized bulls, then big ones started appearing and I drew my bow, most trotted right past me, I lost count of how many huge 6 pointers(over 300 inch) I tried to stop broadside with a sharp cow call but only smaller bulls and spikes would stop to pay me any attention. The Big Bulls were so fired up and full of rage! Finally came what we call "Muy Grande" or the big one, this bull had 7 on one side for sure and it looked like his main beams touched his rump when he put his head back and screamed a bugle that made the hair on my neck and arms stand up. I had never had an opportunity at a bull anywhere near this size and he dwarfed anything I had ever been close to. He was nearly the last Elk in the parade. I stopped him for 1/2 a second and let my arrow fly, I missed horribly and shot probably 10 inches over the top of his back. As his body gave a little jolt to the sound of the arrow whizzing over him he quickly galloped out of my life never to be seen again. I had not one feeling of failure or discouragement, rather I felt a transformation in my entire psyche. It all hit me like a ton of bricks crashing down, it was and still is the happiest moment of my life. I knew for sure that nothing on earth called to me like what just took place and I knew it was my destiny to dedicate my life to pursue these animals and share the beauty of it with people from all walks of life. My path in life was made clear and I have relentlessly pursued it ever since.

Lucas Robb or (Luke) is a 3rd generation houndsmen and outfitter from Southern Utah. He has been in hunting camps since he was an infant. He carries on his families legacy of training and breeding some of the best hounds in the world for hunting and guiding hunters on trophy hunting adventures. He is also a very accomplished bowhunter and trapper, making his living in the forests of the Rocky Mountains. He spends nearly every day of a 365 day calendar in the woods.




Luke Robb

Sean Zele

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